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What We Do

AAMS informs Albertans of the benefits and advantages to mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes through its Board, staff and volunteers.

We educate the general public on how arbitration and mediation work through:

-     Introductory courses to mediation and arbitration offered through both AAMS and the ADR Institute of Alberta at a nominal charge to individuals and organizations 

-     Working with schools and school systems to educate Alberta youth about alternative dispute resolution

-     Working with colleges and universities to promote the inclusion of credit and non credit courses in ADR in post secondary curriculums

-     Offering introductory corporate information sessions on arbitration and mediation in the workplace, workplace violence, bullying, negotiating and constructive communications

-     Providing workshops and tutorials throughout Alberta communities

We promote the increased use of arbitration and mediation in Alberta by:

-     Accepting speaking engagements with community associations, organizations and service clubs, as well as participating in community events and other public awareness initiatives

-     Working with the media in highlighting alternative dispute processes

-     Providing ongoing, updated information on ADR through social media

-     Advocating new and expanded ADR programs in all levels of government and in the courts

We increase the ease of access for Albertans to high quality, low cost dispute resolution options by:

-     Working with other ADR organizations in Alberta that offer specific ADR services, and with the ADR Institute of Canada

-     Publicizing rosters of qualified professional mediators and arbitrators

-     Publicizing rosters of trained volunteer mediators and arbitrators

-     Providing occasional financial assistance to other charitable organizations or individuals (subject to available funding) who might not otherwise be in a position to avail themselves of dispute resolution options

We contribute to the advancement of ADR through:

-     Conducting research initiatives with other ADR organizations and learning institutions

-     Overseeing the latest developments and trends in ADR

-     Communicating with ADR professionals, educators, the legal profession and justice officials in various  forums


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